Wednesday, January 21, 2009

18 months

Exactly 18 months ago, Lauren was born and began her role as teacher. She was tiny and still and had skin that hung a little bit loosely on her body. She couldn't stay awake very long and she never could finish more than about 2 ounces of milk at a time.

But, oh boy, what a story she had to tell. Let me share a little bit of it with you.

Lauren came into this world, full of expectations, hope and a need for love. She wasn't damaged or broken or in need of genetic counseling. She knew that her parents had their doubts and that she just needed to hang in there long enough for them to come around.

In the meantime she gushed sweetness, innocence and a sense of purpose - all traits that she now possesses in triplicate.

As a teacher, Lauren has guided us through the principles of acceptance: don't judge a book by its cover, don't be afraid of the unknown and never underestimate the power that your heart has over your mindset.

When Lauren was born, I knew that I couldn't (as planned) write an adoption plan for her. I was meant for her and her for me and anything less than that would break my heart. She taught me to trust my instincts.

In the past 18 months, (which have passed by so quickly), Lauren has re-grounded us, taught us to slow down and appreciate each small thing and to join the joyous world of Down syndrome. Everything I read in the book,
Gifts is true! We aren't pretending to be happy or in some mad whirlwind of denial/grief/acceptance. I've learned that Lauren isn't the one with the problem - I am! She couldn't be better, happier, more determined, or cuter! Who am I to limit her potential by buying into the stereotypes and negativity surrounding Down syndrome??
She is a joy!

The past 18 months have been incredible - not only in what has happened with Lauren but also with all that she has brought to my world: new friends, new experiences, new emotions and a renewed sense of God's grace.

Lauren, like so many children, is here to teach me that the world may not be perfect, but it is okay the way it is. We roll with the punches, get back up after we get knocked down and find the joy in small things.

No, it's not always rainbows and sunshine. My life is very stressful, tiring and challenging. But honestly, Lauren is the bright spot in it, most of the time.

Thanks for being a part of this, but mostly, thank you LoLo for being born - 18 months ago~


Loren Stow said...

What beautiful words! Your Little One is certainly a teacher! You are blessed to have her and she is blessed to you!

Chrystal said...

Awww, how sweet!

Happy 18-monthiversary, Lauren!

sheree said...


Happy 18 month birthday baby girl :)

Anonymous said...

such a joy to have i to have a 18 month of a up-syndrome. she is the best thing that happen to me. each step is cheerish

Gabe, Curtis and Dav

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Future Drummer?