Saturday, April 18, 2009

Favorite things - LoLo style

Lauren has been up to lots lately but I'm mostly interested in sharing with you some of her favorite things as I think they may give you a window into her soul.

Puffins cereal
throwing things
chewing on my toothbrush
watching us play frisbee (this cracks her up)
pulling the cat's tail
food, glorious food
her sister, Ada
stacking blocks (she's up to 7)
flipping through books
wagging her finger at us, mocking our " No, No Lauren"

Lauren is a bundle of energy and emotions. Don't mess with her unless you are prepared to deal with the consequences. Lauren has feelings and expressions and needs and wants and desires. She is tiny and mightly and can hold her own. She gets the attention of all around her (picture her giving high 5's to my son's entire soccer team today). There is no stopping this little lady.
And that is just the way we like it....

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Future Drummer?

Future Drummer?