Monday, March 30, 2009

the Talking Hands

Lauren is 'verbal'! It is so exciting and fun. She may not have a great grasp on the English language but she has 10 good, solid baby signs that she is using. This is huge to us because Lauren has a hearing impairment.

She is at an age where she is quickly and proficiently picking up new signs. I think I just need to learn some new ones so that I can teach them to her. There are lots of kids, with and without Ds who know a ton more signs than she does, but LoLo is doing great!

Right now, at 20 months, she can sign


She also says Dada, Ada and Duck. I'm so proud of her. I cannot tell you how worried i've been about her speech development - the Down syndrome coupled with a hearing loss does not equal a great prognosis. But, she is showing so much progress, enthusiasm and aptitude that I just had to write about it.


Cathy said...

This is wonderful news! Way to go Lauren!

Chrystal said...

Yay, Lauren!

Ruby's Mom said...

That is great!!!!

Angie said...

Go Lauren, go!!

Yo Mamma Mamma! said...

You should check out - in the top corner they have a list of baby signs!

WTG Lauren on her signing!

rickismom said...

VERY GOOD! Signing is the beginning of communication, and shows her that there is value in communicating. My daughter Ricki (age 14 years) has DS, and a MILD hearing loss (she can hear without her aid, but hears better with it....)

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Future Drummer?