Tuesday, January 26, 2010

School is in session...

and I have pictures to prove it! Lauren is now (almost) exaclty 2 1/2, old enough to begin attending Ida's preschool for the hearing impaired. Some of our favorite people are from Ida so we have been looking forward to this for awhile.

Here is a quick snap shot of her first day. she even rode the bus home but my camera was in her Elmo bookbag so I didn't get any pictures yet.

Outside her locker agreeing to a quick pic with Mom.

Eating her snack all gone - she already has earned a Masters degree in eating, this is just a refresher course. Notice the little pilot cap for keeping her hearing aids in place. In theory, at least.

Block time with her new friend, Chloe

Music and Movement time - just look how tiny she is! But, she holds her own and has a lot of presence :)~~~~~

Calendar and story time - dont' let the picture fool you - she was up plenty according to her teacher, Joy.

So far, so good. No tears from LoLo or me.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Your daughter is beautiful! This post caught my eye because I also have a Lauren who has Ds, and is 25 months old. And, we call her LoLo too!

(Just thought tha was interesting!)

Oh, our Lauren will be starting school next fall - so excited!


PJM and LSM said...

My eyes are welling up with tears for you! Wow! She is so grown up! (I don't know how I will handle that when my Olivia is ready for PreK!) I told my Mom that Lauren was starting PreK and for someone in her generation it just seems impossible! Of course I reminded her that I taught two year olds. Two year olds start out as jumping beans at school, up and down up and down, but by the end of the year they sit like little ladies and gentlemen! Even my little student with Ds did well! Lauren is cute as ever! I love her pink high tops! Need to get Olivia a pair someday! :-)

jessica said...

Oh these are so cute - well done for not crying - both of you.

Jessica said...

WOW. BIG news. I don't know how I missed this - Congrats Lauren!

Anonymous said...

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