Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a video worth watching

Please watch this video montage put together by a Mom from my online Down syndrome support board. She is the mother to a little girl named Gabby who was loved and wanted, just as her other children are. The fact that Gabby would have Down syndrome did not sway her love, commitment or longing for her.

She already had 2 beautiful daughters and Gabby brought the count of beauties up to 3. As you will see, Gabby was absolutely precious, vibrant and very loved. As planned, Gabby had open-heart surgery, something quite common for babies born with Ds. The surgery went well but the recovery did not and Gabby did not make it.
The commentary on the video reminds us of how even the difficult parts of life: the parts we don't choose, become the most important, impactful and amazing...anyway...the video (and yes, Lauren is in there, too!):


Alicia said...

Wow. Wasn't prepared for that. Excellent reminder of what we fight for with our little ones.

Anonymous said...

I am a new mom to a baby with Downs Syndrome. Our baby will be having open heart surgery sometime in the next couple months. It was initially a shock to find out our perfect baby boy had Downs and congential heart defect. I am learning every day from my baby and I chose to believe he is perfect and will teach me many lessons throughout his life. We are scared and pray that he makes it through the surgery. My prayes go out to Gabby's family and I know her life was very meaningful.

Gabe, Curtis and Dav

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Future Drummer?