Monday, December 15, 2008

kind of a non-post, post.

Things have been difficult lately. I'm tired, stressed-out, run-down and can't stop coughing my guts out long enough to complete a thought or a sentence. But, that doesn't mean it's all bad. Here are some of the things going well in my life (lest I forget)

1. Gabe, Davrin and Nolan are all doing really well in school and having no real adjustment problems at the moment.

2. I've had time to read lately and just finished a wonderfully well-written and interesting book by Darin Strauss : "More than it hurts you", and another called "Deaf sentence" about a man who realizes how marginalized he has become since becoming hard of hearing. My dad is very hard of hearing so I know this is true and it's interesting to read things from that point of view.

3. We both lost and found Lauren's hearing aids twice. The first one we thought was lost at the coffee shop downtown but turned out was sitting in the dish drainer of our kitchen sink all night. Surprisingly, it still works! Apparently these things are somewhat water resistant.

4. Lauren is strong, determined and healthy. (Ornery and crabby, too, but that goes in the other list).

5. My internship at the high school is going really well and I really like being there. My supervisor is really great to work with and I'm learning lots from everyone.

6. We have a home, transportation, food, clothing, education, faith, family and friends.

On that note, I will close - since this is only a non-post, post!

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Future Drummer?