Friday, November 14, 2008

i'm done, i'm done, i'm done, i'm done

I can hardly believe it but after 19 months of Tuesday night classes and Wednesday-Monday homework, I am DONE!! I just finished my last paper for a long time!

What a great feeling it is to know that challenges can be met. I know that God blessed me with the patience, vision and perserverance to get through this time.

I will never forget going through the interview process for school. I sat before a tablefull of professors, deans, etc.. they asked question after question about my intentions, my faith, my ambitions, etc.

I was accepted into the graduate program in counseling.

A few months passed and I realized that my body was 'changing'. I attributed everything to early menopause. After all, both of my sisters Juliette and Caroline began menopause early so why not me? I gained weight, I overate, I was incredibly tired.

Upon the advice of one of Ada's doctors I took a pregnancy test: to rule out pregnancy.

No Way! It was positive and I was shocked!

Needless to say, when one is almost 12 weeks along in a pregnancy, one doesn't have to wait the full 3-5 minutes to see that 2nd line appear - the one that says ; YOU'RE PREGNANT.

So, I began graduate school the same day I had my first OB/GYN appt. How surreal it was.

That was 20 months ago.... Alot has happened. A real whole lot.

Lauren, my little ray of sunshine is here. That is such a long story in and of itself.

She is probably the most key ingredient in my finishing school and getting through the past few months; she proved to me that all things are worth fighting for and all things are worth waiting for.

So, tomorrow I give one last presentation. Something about counseling in the elementary school. On Monday I start my internship at Monroe High.

It is a good feeling...a very good feeling!


john rister said...

I will be glad when I can finily say the words "I'm done" with papers also. Congrad.

The Lehnick Family said...

Signe...congrats girl...that is wonderful! I can't wait to finish school...I was accepted into the nursing program when I got pregnant with my first and opted not to go through the nursing program and be pregnant...well 7 years and 3 kids later...still haven't finished...but Brayden gives me the will along with my other children to someday be where you are! I don't know if I introduced myself??? My name is Darlena and I met you off the BBC board...I have 3 children and our youngest has DS...Brayden, he is almost 7 months old. Love your blog! Lauren is a sweetie! Can't wait to get to know you better. Blogging seems a little more personal than the bbc, love the board as well, but LOVE the blogs!

Tonya said...

Hi Signe! I just caught the RSS feed to my blog!! I think it's FANTASTIC your blogging about your life with Lauren! It only takes one thing to make a difference in someone's life and you have done that!! Can't wait to read more! Also, CONGRATS!! Good things are coming!!

monica said...

Signe, you rock.

what a blessing you'll bring to everyone you counsel-- from your internship contacts all the way through your full fledged professional life.

you've walked a mile and then some, Signe. your mocassins are well-used. people need to be listened to be someone who has been where they are.

one of the AA promises is this: no matter how far down the scale we have gove, we will see how our experiences can benefit others. our experience can only benefit others if we're willing to share our time, our truths, our selves.

you are. you do. you rock.

Renee D. said...

I am soooooo proud of you!
I am in awe of all you do and how you bless everyone you meet with your presence! The people you work with at Gabby's Ladder and the students you will work with at the schools will be able to overcome great obstacles due to your loving, compassionate, insightful ways! Congratulations again! Oh, and I LOVE your blog! I check it regularly!

Jessica said...

YAY! I am bursting with happiness for you "cyber-friend". Congratulations!

Roy said...

I so envy you

Gabe, Curtis and Dav

Future Drummer?

Future Drummer?