Wednesday, November 19, 2008

we have no bananas today; but can we talk about teen pregnancy?

Today was interesting. I started my internship at Monroe High school on Monday. Talk about going from the frying pan into the fryer. Kids are unpredictable, difficult and completely and utterly perplexing.

Who would predict, as a new mother, that in, say, 15 years, your daughter would be expecting a baby of her own? And acting like it was totally natural?

For each day I live, I learn that people are unique, oblivious and unstoppable!!

Good thing, sometimes. Other times, not so much. Today, for instance, my supervisor was visited by one her students for a schedule change. This young woman was hoping to change her schedule because she is pregnant. Six months pregnant and isn't sure she can handle a PE class first hour. She thought it would be easier to have math first hour.

What does it mean to be a new mom at 7:30 in the morning? For me, that was halfway through the night. In a decadent, and never duplicated manner, I would sleep in every morning (that I could) after having babies. They would be up alot between the hours of 12 and 4 but after 5 we would settle in for a good sleep, even if it was broken by the need to nurse - baby's and mine.

But, this 15 year old girl at the High school is thinking that getting to school at 7:30 is doable, reasonable and practical and that the thing to worry about is what class she is taking first hour.

If only I were 15 and didn't have a lifetime of doubt, uncertainty and fatigue in front of me.

Part of me wanted to shake this young woman and part of me wanted to follow her home and bask in the glow of her naivete.

Alas, i could do neither. Instead, I picked up LoLo from daycare, shopped for dinner groceries, came home, fed a child, made some phone calls, started cookies for Boy scouts, therapied with Lauren, packed up cookies, went to Boy scouts, attempted to help Gabe make Dream Catcher, cleaned school, came home, helped layout design for cub scout boat, make Lauren giggle, got snack, bottle, put kids to bed.\\\

that's it. It doesn't matter how much i did, today. What matters is how much it all mattered to me.

alot, a real, whole lot.

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