Monday, November 3, 2008

now I can write about anything I want...

I (barely) made it through October a.k.a 21 for 31, a.k.a. Down syndrome awareness month. that was a toughie for me. I had a couple of weeks there were life took from me a tad bit more than it gave and I felt depleted. Too depleted to blog...oh the shame of it.

But, it's another month and I'm no longer 'restricted' to the confines of commenting about Down syndrome.

So, what should I talk about?

I could talk about how bad of an idea it is to hold off on homework till the end of the day. Gabe is 5 and has homework. He has to read "literature' and then comment about it, write True/False questions, look up words he doesn't understand and other tasks. If he is 'on' he gets right to work and it's fun and fascinating. When it's 7: 20 on day two of Daylight Saving time, it's all he can do to hold a pencil without me grabbing it from him and poking out my own eyes. These are long days, sister - they start early and don't level off till much later.

Or I could talk about my daughter, Ada, and how interesting she has made my life. From day one till today she has been unpredictable. That is 23 years of unpredictability. She's had some good days and some bad ones. This last 6 months has been a bad one.

Let's see...what else? Tomorrow is election day - I'm very excited. My son, Nolan, is coming down from Central Michigan university to cast his vote and i'm planning on taking Gabe with me to the polls at some point. We're also going up to Ann Arbor tomorrow so that Lauren can be videotaped while walking on her baby treadmill. A Dr. at U of M did a study on babies with Down syndrome using one of these specially made treadmills. Lauren has used her's off and on since March.
I tried to get out of this since she isn't really walking and I tend to do alot of the work when she is on it, but the kind dr. said it would be fine. After that, we'll hit Trader Joe's, stop on the way home to visit my bud, Monica and her lovely family, and then head home for a nap.

that's as far as I can plan at this point.... Let's hope that everyone who can vote, will get out there and do so!

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Future Drummer?