Saturday, November 8, 2008

People are hurting.

Today in class we listened as our professor read a cool essay written by a Anne Lamont who discovered the presence of God during a very trying time. The name of the book is Traveling Mercies. One of her main points is that sometimes we are given adverse situations and trials to divert our attentions so that something new can be born elsewhere.

We had a chance to discuss the passage and what it 'said' to us. It's a lovely thought to think that while this crap is happening over here, something really wonderful is happening over there - and that we will get to enjoy it someday. I think that it's true. I also think it's true that sometimes we get so caught up in the muck of life that we forget to look for the good stuff. I know that I do. This past week was really challenging - my oldest wouldn't get out of bed and I thought she might need to be hospitalized, I had way too much homework to do, and just the general - too much time, too little energy mode that I spend alot of my time slogging around in.

but, here we are. It's a Saturday night. The kids (and hubby) are asleep. I got my work turned in today (not that I don't have a ton more to do). Had a pleasant day with my fellow classmates and managed to find the silver lining in our rather dismal financial state ...after all, I am one of " Kroger's Best Customers".

Anyway, what I'm getting at, very slowly, is that people are hurting. You, Me, your neighbors, friends, classmates, co-workers, the cashier at Kroger. What are they/we hurting about? Lots of things: broken hearts, bad news, kids in trouble, financial worry, lack of friends, addictions, health problems, marital problems etc....

We could all use some support, sometime. Even though we are all connected via email, MySpace, facebook, bulletin boards, our phones, blackberries etc. we still need human contact. It's amazing how all of the new technology can actually cut us off from the world. Let people know that you care and take some time to listen to their troubles and concerns.

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