Thursday, October 2, 2008

Do you know anyone with Down Syndrome?

Rather than do all of the writing, i'd love it if you would take the time to share your experience with someone with Down Syndrome. Did you grow up with someone with DS? Go to school? Have a neighbor? Teach or coach?
Whatever your story is, please share it here.


Steph said...

I was good friends with a girl named Tanya who happens to have DS. In fact she was the first person to step up and offer her friendship when I first came to MMS as a student in second grade. I had no idea that she was any different than I was. I learned that she was 5 years older than me and that was when I started asking questions. I still think about her. I ran into her mom a couple months ago, she said Tanya is doing great.
My husband has a cousin who has DS, he has the most hilarious stories from they're childhood together!


mommybrain said...

My brother in law Mark has Downs. He is my husband's youngest brother, and is my age.

The thing that has struck me about getting to know Mark is his sense of humor. He loves to tease me, and order me around if I let him - but I don't! He says: "Helen-Tea!" and I come over a nudge him in the ribs and tell him to get his own! (Then of course I make him some).

His eyes just crinkle. He starts spinning these stories - and I have learned to hear him better and better over time - and then they get so ridiculous you have to call him on it- and he says "Yah. Banana Oil!" Which is his word for "BS." He gets the whole (considerable) family laughing.

He is just so fun. His capacity for genuine fun, and love, and affection is amazing. And a blessing.

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