Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not much time to post today.

It was a full, busy Saturday. I had class today from 9-2:30 (was supposed to go until 5, so getting out early was a great surprise) because the kids had parties to attend.

The first was Miss Mary's Halloween extravaganza! Mary is a friend of ours and Gabe's former preschool teacher. She has an amazing home and pole barn and hosts the parties there every year. She provides moon walks, hay rides, drinks, food and asks that everyone who comes to bring a dish to pass and candy to hand out. We sit on hay stacks which have been placed to form a path through the pole barn and all of the little one's Trick or Treat.

Gabe was a Tiger
Lauren was a Princess
(pictures will be forth coming)

On the way home from that party, Gabe had a party to attend for out next door neighbor. This one was held at McDonalds and Gabe asked me to stay as well. So, i hung out with the grownups and watched Gabe run around for awhile. Snuck in a few fries, too.

After getting home from that we had to hide Gabe's Halloween candy stash from Dad (Chaz doesn't read my blog but don't tell him that the candy is in the drawer of Gabe's bed) and get the youngest kids ready for bed.

And that is where they now are. I feel like I got alot done today but the house is a mess so I already know what i'll be doing tomorrow after church tomorrow.

ta ta for now!

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Future Drummer?