Monday, October 20, 2008

Long time no see

I've failed the 21 for 31 challenge, miserably. I've logged on and wondered what I had to say that wasn't depressing or negative and couldn't find anything so just moved on to other sites that were more interesting and uplifting.

The past couple of weeks have been a bit more trying than usual. I have 5 children and i've yet to have a day or week when 1 of them isn't going through something - an illness, or a hissy-fit or some other intrapersonal experience that is not compatible with my life.

Take for instance, THIS MORNING. After rousing from a nice codeine-induced sleep, I woke up to Lauren's jibber jabber and the alarm clock. It was time to get moving and get things going. After grabbing some clean clothes for Gabe, I bring LoLo downstairs and see if Gabe would like some cereal for breakfast. Yes....okay, we're off to a good start.

Gabe is 5 and much more strong-willed than I. Fast forward to the crucial drop-off at Meadow Montessori. By 7:40 I have 6 children in my van - 2 of my own (Gabe and Lauren) and 4 that I drive. Gabe's desire was to get out of the van first...or at least not last. But this didn't happen so he was grumpy. Then, he didn't want to take his coat. Then the 'headmistress' of the school cam to try and help me get him going but gave up and told me I was holding up traffic and needed to pull up. I did get Gabe out of the van,,,,but that is as far as we got. After 20 long minutes of arguing and threats of punishement, Gabe, Lauren and I headed back home.

So, Gabe didn't go to school today...and he's grounded from "media" for a week.

Following this was the experience of rousing and delivergin Ada to her school. She was teary-eyed when I dropped her off but she went. Success, of sorts. ( I did call later and found out that she was fine...taking part in stuff at school.)

Next was the issue of taking Lauren to Baby Hugs. I have (had) a paper due for my consulting class and knew that I had to get it done today!

She cried when I left her but I let them know that I would call at 11:30 and that if she wasn't doing well, I would come get her before nap time.

Anyway,,, I know this is all pretty boring stuff. But, it's my life. My friend Pam called around noon and I was so upset that I couldn't talk to her or tell her how badly I felt about...about everything in my life. I worked on my paper and sniffled for the next hour. Gosh, it was great; you should have been there!

The day ended okay and now, finally, i'm fulfilling my desire to post on my blog.

that's it for now

Gabe, Curtis and Dav

Future Drummer?

Future Drummer?