Monday, October 6, 2008

Just another day

Today started early and is going to end late. I woke Gabe (5) up at 7:00 so that he could eat and have a few minutes to play before driving him to school. He is a 1st grader at Meadow Montessori school and the school day runs from 8:00-3:30. It's a long day.

After getting him off, I came home to get Lauren and me ready to visit a daycare I'm considering for her.
The visit went really well. The owner is fantastic - really dynamic and loving - a real dynamo really. And, as an added bonus, one of the caregivers for Lauren is a mother who has a little boy with Down Syndrome. That gives me a level of comfort, naturally, for many reasons. She understands the slower pace of Lauren's development and how to celebrate every milestone. It was nice to talk with her and to hear how well her son is doing in his own 1st grade classroom.

Lauren was hurt at another daycare about 2 weeks ago and it was really unsettling. She is okay but it reminded me of how vulnerable little ones are and how upset I get when someone is reckless with one of my kids.

We'll be taking a slow route in getting Lauren adjusted to daycare - I won't need it much until next month when I start my internship at Monroe High school - about 20 hours a week. I think that parts of it will be really good for her (she loves to play and they have a ton of toys), the variety of other children, etc...and I know that it will be hard for her as well. She doesn't like being away from me and it will be a huge adjustment for her. I worry about her and pray that she will not get hurt again, that she will have lots of fun and that she will be a positive influence on everyone she meets. A tall order for a 14-month old, but I have high hopes for Miss LoLo!

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hapagirlhapafamily said...

I really wish we lived closer to each other. I would love to watch Lauren for you...especially with all the drama you've had with finding daycare. I hope Lillian grow's up to be just as pretty as she is!

Gabe, Curtis and Dav

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Future Drummer?