Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the love that is Lauren

It seems like ever since Lauren was born, people have really wanted to see her and be around her. Friends delight in her, strangers notice her and say sweet things and acquaintances just want to get a glimpse of her from time to time. They all want their "Lauren fix".

That's just how it is with her. What are ya gonna do?

Lauren seems extra special to me, too. It may or may not have anything to do with that extra chromosome. Maybe it has something to do with the anxiety I went through while pregnant with her which was so entirely preempted by the joy of her birth. Her happy smiles which make her eyes shine have something to do with it. Her gentle nature...that is becoming less gentle and more demanding, is just nice to be around.

Yes, people with Down syndrome have been stereotyped as so sweet and gentle. There are worse things to be. Sure, she's moody and demanding and fussy at times (yes, really) but man, that almost seems like an aside when compared to what joy she brings. I call her my little ray of sunshine.

She's asleep right now and the boys are on the top bunk doing an animal search book. I'd like to find the person who started that trend and pop em in the face. Why oh why must I be subjected to these books? They are so dear to Gabe and he likes nothing more than to have someone sit with him while he finds the 45 emperor penguins which are cleverly intermixed with the 71 king penguins and 112 seagulls. What a cruel world it can be :) I will have to be sure to tell Davrin how much I appreciate him taking the time to do this book with him.

Goodbye for now!

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Gabe, Curtis and Dav

Future Drummer?

Future Drummer?